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Using wet and dry paper wet will prolong the life of your material by up to 10x! Using it wet also gives a better finish. Be sure you wipe it with a bit of methylated sprits to remove any residue when you are finished.
To use a wet and dry sand paper, dip the paper inside a bowl of water and wet the paper thoroughly, and then sand the material with it, using long and steady strokes. Do not allow the paper to dry while you are sanding over the finish. If you are using a dry paper, wrap your dry paper onto a dry piece of (buff stick) wood and sand along the grains. Stop to wipe or brush away the sanding dust after making numerous strokes. Continue sanding until the piece of material you are sanding has a smooth and even finish.
Areas of application:
Wood ā€“parquet
China- Ceramics
The lower the grit number, the larger the particle size thus the paper will be coarser. Accordingly the higher the grit number, the smaller the particle thus making the paper smoother.

Wet & Dry Sanding Paper

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