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Even the most challenging weather conditions are no match for Ronseal Self-Cleaning Masonry paint. With a 15 year guarantee, you can do the job once and enjoy the satisfaction for years to come with a waterproof, breathable, dirt-repellent coating that protects your home and keeps it looking great. Showerproof in 30 minutes, you can even paint it on to damp surfaces, so there's really no excuse not to get on with the DIY.


How does it work? - Self-Clean paint creates a microscopic textured surface with a contact angle of 140 degrees, resulting in an ultra-hydrophobic surface that causes water to bead up into pearls of water that run across the surface of the facade. As beads of rain water run over the surface of the faÄ“ade, they collect dirt and contaminants lying on the surface of the paint and remove them, cleaning the facade as it rains.

Ronseal,Self-Clean,Masonry Paint,5 Ltr

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