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A multi-purpose versatile wood stain that coats, colours and protects the whole garden. Wood Stain & Protect creates a micro-porous coating that contains a mould inhibitor and is very low in odour and VOC. It is so good that it will even adhere to masonry and terracotta pots.This stain works beautifully with garden sprayers to speed up all of those big jobs. Two coats is all it takes to protect your wood with only one coat being required for fencing. Further coats increases the solidity and depth of colour. Instantly rejuvenates tired and old timber transforming them into an integral part of a stunning garden design.

 Finish - Opaque with a soft sheen


6 - 12m2 per litre per coat*
2 - 3 coats

Protek, Woodstain & Protector

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