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Length of Rim Lock 163mm (6.375")
Depth of Rim Lock 27mm (1") - of Keep 25mm
Height of Rim Lock 115mm (4.5") - of Keep 148mm (5.75")
Fixing Centres 119mm (4.75")


Polished Brass Rim Lock and Cover. The set consists of a two lever rim lock with a solid brass cover over the top. The brass is unlacquered so to retain the original finish, regular polishing with a good quality metal polish is essential. Over time the brass will acquire a darker and more aged patina. It is completely reversible. The two lever lock is not insurance rated.
This Rim Lock and Cast Iron Cover combines functionality, traditional looks and durability. Comes complete with all fixings and screws.  
Suitable for internal and external use.

This product is hand finished to order.
Please allow 4-7 Days delivery


Polished Brass Rim Lock and Cover - D3487

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