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Patination Oil is an alkyd resin based liquid used to protect lead by creating a permeable coating which works to oxidise the lead surface at a controlled rate. Over time the oxidised layer develops into a consistent dull grey adherent patina which is stable, aesthetically pleasing and replaces the initial protection provided by the Patination Oil.
In damp conditions, untreated lead often forms a carbonate layer which with the addition of rainfall, can lead to a spread of carbonate to other areas of the roof causing nasty stains on tiles, slates and brickwork. Patination Oil works to prevent this from occurring in the first place by giving the lead a protective layer.
It is advised that Patination Oil is applied to all exposed lead-work as well as any hidden lead-work that may be exposed to rain water as these are the areas at the highest risk. The oil should only be applied to new lead-work on the day it is installed (out of direct sunlight if possible) so as to protect the lead before the carbonate has a chance to form. If the lead surface becomes wet before Patination Oil is applied, make sure to thoroughly dry it as water trapped below the Patination Oil layer can cause the lead to form some nasty looking oxidation products that are impossible to remove without first removing the Patination Oil.
As well as being a practical solution for treating your lead, Patination Oil also works to help improve the colour and finish of all exposed lead-work and because all you need to do is rub it straight onto the lead with a piece of cloth/rag (or similar) - Anyone can do it!
When applying Patination Oil, it is advised that you allow at least one hour for the oil to dry.

Patination Oil

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