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Cromar Leadax sealant.

Leadax is the next generation of lead.


  • Has the same properties of traditional lead, but is not harmful to the environment or health
  • Cheaper than traditional lead
  • Easier to use than traditional lead
  • Non-toxic - contains NO heavy metals
  • Fully sustainable
  • Water-resistant - same waterproof properties as traditional lead
  • Can be processed by hand in extreme weather conditions
  • Helps reduce waste - manufactured using a byproduct of laminated glass production
  • 75% lighter than traditional lead
  • Available in longer strips than traditional lead
  • Allows for less overlap, saving materials
  • Leaves no marks on roof tiles
  • Guaranteed to last for 25 years


From cavity walls to chimneys, Leadax is used and processed in exactly the same way as lead — without compromise

Leadax Sealant,290ml

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