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Gorilla tubs are a multi-purpose bucket available in different sizes and colours for a wide range of applications. Gorilla tubs have a flexible design making it easier to carry and will not crack when dropped. Gorilla Tubs are flexible, which is the key to the millions of jobs they can perform. They are great for mixing small batches of plaster and mortar; if the mix dries, a few kicks to the flexible body will remove the muck easily. They can be carried with both handles in one hand, shaped for pouring, pressed flat to the floor for scooping, pushed flat against a wall for scraping wallpaper into, catching leaks and so on. Gorilla Tubs are extremely durable and long lasting. They can be used as tool bags, water tubs, rubble removers, roofing, scaffold knuckles, collecting bits, broken glass carrier etc.

Gorilla Tub

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