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Suitable for guttering, downpipes and chimneys, galvanised wire balloons provide an excellent solution to a number of common issues. As these are made of wire it means that they can be bent and fit to suit specific gutter sizes. The two main uses of wire balloons are downspout/gutter guards and chimney guards. The main benefits are:

  • Avoid birds creating nests in chimney.
  • Avoid leaves blocking gutters
  • Avoid time wasting, hard work and expensive repairs

Gutter Guard/ Downspout Guard

If downspouts and gutters are left unprotected then leaves can cause them to become blocked. Our smaller wire balloons are built to fit pipes and gutters and help prevent leaves clogging them up. A blocked pipe can lead to damage and expensive repairs. Unblocking pipes can be dangerous, takes up valuable time and is a lot of unnecessary effort. 

Galv' Wire Balloon

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