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Fill & Finish is a single part easy to use multi-purpose filler, adhesive and skimcoat. It's ideal for filling small or large holes, filling and finishing plasterboard joints and smoothing uneven surfaces. It can also be used for bonding plaster board to block (ie. dot and dab) and plaster or polystyrene decorations to walls and ceilings. The fine powder quickly mixes to a smooth white paste and delivers a beautiful smooth professional finish.
Sets in 2 hours and paintable in 24 hours.
Level uneven walls and ceilings.
Drys white - means less coats of paint required.
Excellent for bonding plaster board (dot & dab) and for use as a jointing compound.
Good bonding adhesive for polystyrene or plaster coving.

Filltite, Fill & Finish 5kg

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