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A lovely example of a single level, dual-handed solid brass rim lock. Both the external design and internal locking mechanism are based on original Victorian locks. Each lock is hand finished and is supplied with two solid brass key and lock keep. Available with or without knobs. All the door knobs are solid brass. Door knobs are supplied as a pair. 

We recommend one of the escutcheons (Key Hole Covers) below to go with this rim lock

Beehive Escutcheon Mayfair Beehive Escutcheon Lady Escutcheon
Beehive Mayfair Beehive Lady Escutcheon


Width Body of Lock 168mm - Keep 22mm
Depth 29mm
Height Body of Lock 122mm - Keep 122mm
Reversible Yes

Davenport Brass Rim Lock Set - D381

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