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The ProGRG fibreglass resin is a pre-accelerated, thixotropic, orthophthalic resin formulated for extremely low styrene emission. The correct ratio of resin to glass fibre chop strand mat (450gsm) is 1.5 litres of resin per m² of mat. 600gsm mat will use approx. 33% more the thicker the mat, the more resin is needed.

When a laminate is built up in stages with intermediate curing, each operation should be finished off with a normal resin / glass fibre ratio. Any surface area of a cured laminate having an excess of resin, must be abraded before the laminating is continued. With a normal resin / glass fibre ratio on the laminate surface, the interval between each operation must not exceed 48 hours without abrasion.

Cromar Pro 25 GRP Resin

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