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Cromar ProGRP flat roofing system is available with 2 grades of chop strand matting (CSM) - 400gsm and 600gsm. Use 400gsm CSM for areas that will have occassional foot traffic; 600gsm matting should be used on areas that will have heavy foot traffic or will be load bearing, such as under decking, promenade tiles and green roofs). Use 600gsm in conjunction with a slip resistant finish.
The glassfibre mat is sandwiched between two layers of catalysed Cromar resin.
Strands of glass fibre are held together by an emulsion binder to form a mat.
Fast wet-out even thickness
High mechanical strength
Excellent wet strength retention

This is a general purpose emulsion bound chopped strand mat designed to cover a wide range of applications by normal hand lay-up techniques. The mat is soft to handle and conforms well to complicated mould shapes. This mat has medium bulk and is capable of effective working over the range of resin to glass ratios from 1.8:1 to 2.8:1 without undue effort. This high quality mat is suitable for use with most types of unsaturated polyester resins. Resin penetration (wet through, or working time) is rapid with a fast strand wet out time.

  • Soft to handle with good conformity
  • Medium bulk with good resin absorption characteristics
  • Fast wet through and wet out

Cromar Fibreglass Matting 450gm

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